5th South Sudan Mathematical Olympiad

The 5thSouth Sudan mathematical Olympiad 2023 will take place on the 11th November, 2023 at the University of Juba’s Samani Hall commencing from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The Mathematical Olympiad is a mathematical competition that will bring high school students together. The Main Objective of the South Sudan Mathematical Olympiad is to prepare students to participate in the regional, continental and International Mathematical Olympiad and to encourage students in the mathematical sciences.

Therefore, we invite schools to prepare at least 5 outstanding mathematics students to participate in the upcoming Mathematical Olympiad. For effective organization and planning purpose we request your school to confirm its participation by sending the list of the participants before 1st November 2023. For more information, please contact the South Sudan Mathematical Olympiad Organizing team at the School of the Mathematics, University of Juba. Or contact them by 092627618/0914525521.

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  1. Majur Malou Gech Meer

    It is so wondering that Mathematics or Math as a subject surprises
    that how it can be so essential in everyone’s
    life. Math completes our everyday life in a
    significant way. It isn’t considered to be a mere
    subject taught at school. This subject
    educates your child that all problems have
    Math remains with us everywhere and helps
    us to understand many things. It even assists
    and solving various complex real-life difficulties
    Your child will require applying Mathematics in
    her or his day-to-day life to maximum effect. Thus , every school is enabled to participate.
    One of the most important purposes of
    Mathematics Olympiad Exams is to encourage
    competitive character in your child. This will
    enable them to deal with logical problems of
    real-life. Such problems might occur in life
    every now and then. This exam is a wide-
    ranging challenge that would assist your child/student
    to develop their skills in Mathematics. Your
    child will also be learning to cope up with
    different aspects in a competitive atmosphere.
    In addition much appreciation to Prof. Atem Bul ,Deputy Dean school of Mathematics, University of Juba for founding this annual events I.e SSMO .
    May protect the teams fighting to eradicate Mathematics illiteracy in South Sudan 🇸🇸.

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