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Probationary Progression

These are guidelines for credit transfer by graduate students who apply to transfer from other recognized universities or equivalent institutions of higher learning to the University of Juba. The applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Satisfy the admission requirements for an academic programme(s) applied for;
  2. Obtain and submit official academic transcript(s) and certificate(s)from a recognized university/ institution of higher learning in which s/he was previously enrolled indicating academic status, courses offered/taken, credit units completed and grades obtained in each course;
  3. Have obtained the equivalent of CGPA of at least 2.00;
  4. An application must be accompanied by recommendations from the institution s/he is transferring from;
  5. If permitted to transfer credit earned, it must not exceed 50% of the minimum graduation load of academic programme applied for in University of Juba; and
  6. If permitted to transfer, s/he should not be allowed to transfer the equivalent of credit units in a course in which s/he obtained CGPA which was lower than 2.00.
  7. Graduate Programmes Duration (Course of Study)
  8. A candidate for higher degree must pursue an approved course of advanced study and/or research extending for a period of not less than:
  • Graduate diploma            Two semesters (+1)
  • Master’s degree (full time) Four semesters
  • Master’s degree (part time) Six semesters
  • Master’s degree of Medicine (full time) Six semesters
  • Doctorate degree (full time) Six semesters
  • Doctorate degree (part time) Eight semesters
  • Medical Doctorate degree (full time) Eight semesters
  • Medical Doctorate degree (part time) Ten semesters

Grading System

All courses shall be graded based on the below scales and shall contribute to the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

Table 2.12: Grading System of the University of Juba.

 Letter Grade
 Grade Point
 >80  A  4.0  Excellent
 70 – 79  B+  3.5  Very Good
 60 – 69  B  3.0  Good
 55 – 59  C+  2.5  Fairly Good
 50 – 54  C  2.0  Pass Satisfactorily
 40 – 49  D  1.0  Conditional Pass
 < 40  F  0.0  Fail
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