General Application Procedures

The Application Process


When to apply

Applications for graduate programmes must be submitted during the vacation at the end of the second semester and processed two months before the start of each academic year. Applications for Doctorate degree programmes (all by research) are submitted and received throughout the year.

Applicants in ‘b’ above (Doctorate degree programmes) must attach two copies of synopsis of 3-5 pages to the application for vetting and approval before they could qualify for provisional admission of up to one year.


Submission procedures for Applications

All duly completed Application Form (See Form 1 a, b & c) must be accompanied by relevant certified copies of certificates, academic transcripts and three reference letters (two must be academic referees).

Transcripts and other academic documents that are not in English must be translated into English by an authorized body before the submission of applications.


Time of Registration

Students must ensure that they registered by the given deadline set aside by schools, institutes and centres, most often 1-2 weeks from the beginning of each semester. Students who fail to register during the set deadline will face the following penalties:

  1. Cancelation of offer of admission (entering postgraduate student).
  2. Charging of late registration fees or get de-registered from the programme

Payment of Fees

Tuition and other university functional fees are due on the first day of academic year. Students who cannot pay full fees are required to pay at least 50% of tuition and all functional fees. A student who fails to pay registration fees by the end of the second week and six weeks from the beginning of academic year for entering and continuing students, respectively, shall be de-registered.


Refund of Tuition Fees when a student has withdrawn from studies

  1. Fees for application, technology, development, administration, registration, examinations, identity cards, residence, guild charges and other university requirements shall not be refunded.
  2. A student, who is suspended, dismissed or withdraws when under investigation for misconduct shall not have tuition fees refunded for the semester in which the action is taken.

Fees and Other Requirements

University tuition fees are subject to changes/ variations from time to time, duly determined by the University Management. Application fees are paid at the time of collection of application forms or before submission of application to GC. University functional fees (Registration, Library, Examinations and Identity Card) must be paid to the university before registration. Graduation (Convocation), Certificate and Academic transcripts fees must be paid on completion of the course.