School of Applied & Industrial Sciences (SAIS)


In the world of the increasing technological complexity, the knowledge of basic and applied science is a gateway to the pursuit of many fields. Though necessary and essential, the availability of capital by itself is not sufficient enough to automatically enhance socio-economic development; which may require modifications and improvements in the traditional production factors and processes.

The transfer of such technology or its modification to suit the needs and requirements of a particular community or area is a rather complex process, which requires grafting of imported technology into the indigenous base. This can only be accomplished if adequate indigenous competence and affective institutionalized mechanism is established.

Departments for Undergraduate Studies

Currently, we have 4 operational Departments with 9 Specializations.
  • Biochemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Electronics and Instrumentation
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Meteorology
  • Microbiology
  • Physics

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” To fill the gap of advancing technology particularly in areas lagging behind and promote the role of science as the basic tool for development. Emphasis is evenly spread over basic and applied sciences, and extended to areas of industrial production applied at small as well as larger scales.”


“To provide students with a wide range of educational opportunities, by which they may impart technical knowledge and skills, achieve competence in the various disciplines, promote lifelong learning and contribute to the economy and the welfare of human kind in the Republic of South Sudan.”

  • To enhance the economic well being of the Republic of South Sudan at large through effective use of resources and promote production by adjusting proper technical skills.
  • To familiarize students on contemporary issues including the fast pace of technological change, the nature of modern sciences and associated industries.
  • To prepare students for successful careers in industrial and applied sciences both in the private and public sectors, and to provide for personal development and professional competence.
  • To encourage professional self employment technologist as a boost to industrialization by spreading small industries.
  • To engage in demand driven research and innovations.


The School of Applied and Industrial Sciences offers a diverse range of courses leading to the award of diplomas, honors degrees by design and graduate degree programs.

The study program is designed to bridge the gap between knowledge of basic and applied sciences and creative industrial and technological practices, while at the same time increase knowledge in an area of emphasis.

Degree Programme

The School of Applied and Industrial Sciences has five departments offering honors degree in fourteen specializations. However, not all of the specializations are currently functional due to limitation of teaching staff.  In addition to that, the specialization “Mathematics” had been shifted to the newly established School of Mathematics.

During the first two preliminary years of enrollment, basic sciences are offered as a core to the study program. Students are introduced to the various fields of science to help them develop an interest for the subject and to provide a basis for their specialized fields of study.

Students also take courses in other related disciplines to broaden their overall education. In third year, students are allocated to the different departments and specializations in accordance to their performance. A subject related research project relevant to the specialization is submitted in the final year as graduation project.

Graduate Program

The School of Applied and Industrial Sciences had been offering an interdisciplinary graduate study in the various specializations stated above, leading to the award of M.Sc. and PhD degrees in collaboration with the Graduate College in the University of Juba.

Eventually, the graduate program in the school had ceased after the relocation of the university to Juba due to other circumstances. However, the school is currently planning to reactivate some of its interdisciplinary graduate studies.