Vice Chancellor Office

Professor John Apuruot Akech
Vice Chancellor - University of Juba

Welcome to the University of Juba

It pleases me immensely to welcome you to the University of Juba. Whether you are a prospective student wanting to join our University; an academic or a researcher from another institution in the region or further afield, looking for peers to collaborate with; a potential development partner; our alumni; or simply a curious member of the public: I trust you will all find something that meets your need or satisfy your curiosity.

As a community of academics, researchers, and learners at the country’s premier University, we pride ourselves on not simply relying on our laurels but in our relentless search for academic excellence and always aiming high. Very high. The mission we have set ourselves to achieve in the context of our newly independent nation is a firm commitment to our national economic empowerment and social transformation through teaching excellence, innovation, and pursuit of high-impact research, embracing an entrepreneurial culture that knows no bounds, revival of our cultural heritage, protection of the environment, internationalization of our academic programs and staff, and service to the community.


Our new mantra is that of “Inventing the future and transforming society.” Audacious, but within our grasp. For sure, one thing is certain: to be an agent for economic empowerment and societal transformation; we as a University and community of academics and researchers foremost, to transform ourselves. There is a pressing demand on us and our institution to be seen to “be ourselves the change we want to see happening in the world.” We are doing just that to the best of our ability.

A 15-year master plan is being developed to serve our mission and realize our vision. Our academic programs are being restructured to match the ever-changing demands of our economy and society; in a dynamic and increasingly knowledge-intensive global economy. New facilities for teaching and research are being constructed, with many of them already inaugurated, such as a new facility for the College of Law with more than 8 lecture halls and 55 office spaces coming into use.

Our campus radio facility for training radio journalists was recently launched. Equipment worth USD 200,000 from African Development Bank through African Virtual University was installed at our new Open Education and Electronic Learning Center (ODeL). The STEM Center for demonstrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ideas, a donation from Gelfand Family Trust, a US-based philanthropic organization, will be inaugurated early in the new year.

Our campus look and landscape are improving. New directorates that include one devoted to Estates and Facilities Management and another for Engineering and Construction Management have been set up as well as directorate for ICT Services. In August 2015, a new graduate School of Public Service was opened, the first of its kind in the country. An Institute for Transformational Leadership that targets women is being established with assistance from UN Women and our national Ministry of Gender and Social
To mention but a few of our numerous initiatives and projects. Whatever your interest is, we invite you to join our University to study or be our partner in our quest to invent the future we want and transform our society for the better.