Mission Vision & Core Values


 “The University of Juba aims to become dynamic regional and world-class center of excellence in teaching, research, innovation, and service to community by 2030”.

Our Motto

Inventing the future, Transforming Society

Mission statement

“The University of Juba is a leading educational center of excellence that is committed to national economic empowerment and social transformation through provision of quality education, pursuit of relevant research, promotion of innovation, facilitation of technology transfer, revival of national cultural heritage, protection of environment, and service to community”.

Strategic Goals

The University envisions to achieve the following:

  1. Widening access to quality higher education;
  2. Internationalization of academic programs and workforce;
  3. Pursuit of research of socio-economic impacts;
  4. Empowering and serving communities;
  5. Assisting in national integration into the global knowledge-based economy;
  6. Facilitation of transfer of technology and know-how to strategic economic sectors;
  7. Revival of cultural and creative industries;
  8. Harnessing alumni contribution;
  9. Promotion of responsible use of natural resources and environmentally sustainable development;
  10. Leveraging Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and enhancing internet connectivity for teaching and research; and
  11. Producing transformational leadership.