Work at University of Juba

Work at the University of Juba

University of Juba recruits, or appoints by promotion principles, and below are some of the guidelines toward filling vacancies and appointments at the University of Juba.


Recruitment and Promotion Principles

  • Recruitment of promotion is a procedure through which a selected person is appointed to a vacant post in the Institution, for the performance of the duties of an employee.
  • Recruitment or promotion shall be exclusively dependent upon the applicant’s suitability for the post and shall not be decided on grounds of race, creed, sex or religion, unless specified otherwise by the Institution policy on gender or any other law.
  • Where possible, vacancies shall be filled by internal promotion.
  • Appointment, whether by recruitment or promotion shall only occur after the decision by the relevant Head of Unit that recruitment or promotion of staff to a vacant post is necessary. In order for a post to be filled it must be vacant, have funds allocated to it in the budget, and be in the approved Nominal Roll.
  • In all promotions from within the University, no further probation is normally required. However, if any new post has special skills or special physical requirements, then the employee may be required to undergo training or orientation prior to taking his or her new post.

Internal Promotions

  • If the Head of Unit supervising the post ascertains that a post is vacant and likely to be filled by internal promotion from within the department or Institution within which the post exists, that Head of unit shall
    • Identify the posts and levels of grades eligible to compete for promotion.
    • Request actions to identify candidates and
    • Form a Promotion Committee to select a suitable candidate from a list of qualified candidates.
  • Members of the Promotion Board must hold posts of a higher grade than that being filled.
  • The assessment of each candidate for internal promotion will be made against the selection criteria set forth in section below.

The procedures to be followed in forming


Recruitment or Promotion from Outside the Department, or Institution Concerned.

  • Where a suitable candidate for promotion cannot be identified within the Department or Institution concerned the appointment process shall be opened to either –
  • The employees; or
  • Open competition.
  • The decision by the Vice Chancellor shall depend on the nature of the position to be filled and whether the necessary skills are likely to be found within the Institution.
  • Where an approved post is vacant, and the Head of Unit wishes to fill the post by open competition, he or she shall;
    • Arrange for the post to be advertised as required; and
    • Choose the most suitable selection competition to fill the post in accordance with the provisions of this Act for the recruitment, promotion, mobility and transfer of civil servants, officials and employees.
  • The Department Recruitment Board shall determine the order of merit of the applicants in the competition, after considering both the information provided by the applicants and the information gathered by the Board through the interview. The Board shall recommend to the Vice Chancellor of the Institution, concerned its preferred candidate for appointment.

Procedures for Recruitment and External Promotion

  • Where the selection competition is opened to competitive promotion across the whole Institution, or recruitment from outside the Institution, the selection process shall take into account the principles of freedom to apply, equal conditions and opportunities for all applicants, and far procedures guaranteed by;
    • A widely advertised announcement of the vacant post in all established forms of mass media available over a period of not less than two weeks.
    • An impartial Institutional Appointment Board
    • Objective assessment methods and criteria.
    • The participation of a representative of the Institution to ensure all practices and procedures laid down in the law and regulations are followed; and
    • The applicant’s right to appeal an appointment or promotion decision.
  • Any advertisement of a vacant post shall include all necessary information including but not limited to;
    • The title and grade of the post.
    • Minimum educational qualifications required.
    • A description of the duties and responsibilities.
    • The date by which applications must be lodged and
    • Where the application is to be submitted.
  • Where an employee wishes to apply for such a vacant post he or she shall submit his or her application through the head of his or her unit. The head of unit is obliged to pass the application to the relevant authority together with his or her comment on the suitability of the candidate.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria set out below, shall apply in descending order of importance in all promotion and recruitment selection process;

  1. Years of experience in the post (or its equivalent) to be filled.
  2. Satisfactory references or other assessment of past performance (e.g. service in the previous institution).
  3. Relevant Education (as appropriate to the post to be filled)
    1. University/Higher Institute Degree/Diploma.
    2. Vocational Training.
  • Secondary School Certificate.
  1. Primary
  2. Informal training.
  1. Gender balance.
  2. Functional literacy in English.
  3. Geographic balance, and
  4. Computer literacy.

Appointment Processing.

  • No appointments, promotions or terms of service for any appointments at any levels above Grade 11 shall effective before the issuance of a formal letter of clearances and appointments by the Institution of Public Service.
  • All such formal letters of appointments shall set forth the post to which individuals has been appointed, salary range a brief description of the job and a summary of responsibilities.
  • All employee’s appointments other than those to Skilled and Unskilled Worker grades shall be processed through the Institution of Public Service.
  • Before a formal letter of appointment is issued. The Vice Chancellor shall verify whether the selection process has followed the approved selection criteria. The Internal Audit Section of the Institution of Finance and administration Economic shall be served with a copy of the letter of appointment.
  • All new appointees from outside the Civil Service shall be appointed to the first step of appropriate salary grade except for those who have gained experience elsewhere.
  • The Institution in consultation with the concerned departments shall seek ways to limit the requirements of physical fitness to enable access to the Civil Service by disabled candidates.

Recruitment Standards

Any person seeking recruitment to the Civil Service shall meet the following minimum recruitment standards, and must,

  1. Be a Sudanese citizen.
  2. Be at least 18 years and not more than 53 years of age.
  3. Have no criminal record.
  4. Have not been deprived of their civil and political rights under the Constitution and law.
  5. Possess such training or educational or mandatory qualifications and other requirements as are required by the post and for entering the corresponding level and grade.
  6. Have not been dismissed from a public institution of the Government of Sudan, the Government of Southern Sudan or any State Government because of disciplinary action.
  7. Be willing and ready to work and serve in any place in the national territory or official representations abroad.
  8. Be in good health and fit for the job for which the candidate is applying as certified by a qualified medical practitioner, and
  9. Meet any specific criteria for the post applied for.