Undergraduate Programs

 Undergraduate Programs
 School of Applied and Industrial Sciences  
 BSc (Hon.) Biochemistry (5 years)
 BSc (Hon. Biotechnology (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Microbiology (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Chemistry (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Industrial Chemistry (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Food Science and Technology (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Electronics and Instrumentation (5 years)
 School of Medicine  
 Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (6 years)
 School of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies  
 BSc (Hon.) Agricultural Sciences (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Animal Production (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Environmental Studies (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Wildlife and Conservation (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Fisheries (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Forestry (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Geology and Mining (5 years)
 School of Veterinary Medicine  
 Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (5 years)
 School of Engineering and Architecture  
  BSc (Hon.) Agricultural Engineering (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Architecture (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Civil Engineering (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Electrical Engineering (5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Mechanical Engineering (5 years)
 School of Computer Science and Information Technology  
 BSc (Hon.) Computer Science (5 years)
 BSc (Hos.) Information Technology (5 years)
 School of Mathematics  
 BSc in Mathematics (4 years)
 BSc in Applied Statistics (4 years)
 BSc in Actuarial Science (4 years)
 School of Law  
 Bachelor of Law (LLB) (4 years)
 School of Social and Economic Studies  
 BSc Economics (4 years)
 BSc Political Science (4 years)
 BSc Sociology and Social Anthropology (4 years)
 BSc Statistic and Demography (4 years)
 School of Business and Management  
 BSc in Accounting and Finance (4 years)
 BSc. In Business Administration (4 years)
 BSc in Public Administration (4 years)
 School of Education  
 BSc Biology and Chemistry (General) (4 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Chemistry (5 years)
 BSc in Arabic (4 years)
 Qualifying Program (1 year)
 School of Community Studies and Rural Development  
 BSc (Hon.) Development Communication (4-5 years)
 B.A (Hon.) Rural Development (4-5 years)
 B.A (Hon.) Communication Studies (Social Work) (4-5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Community Studies (Food and Nutrition) (4-5 years)
 BSc (Hon.) Library and Information Science (4-5 years)
 School of Arts and Humanities  
 B.A (Hon.) Geography Curriculum (4-5 years)
  B.A (Hon.) History (4-5 years)
 B.A (Hon.) Archeology (4-5 years)
 B.A (Hon.) Philosophy (4-5 years)
 B.A (Hon.) Psychology (4-5 years)
 B.A (Hon.) Arabic Language (4-5 years)
 B.A (Hon.) English Language (4-5 years)
 B.A (Hon.) French Language (4-5 years)
 B.A (Hon.) Mass Communication) (4-5 years)
 School of Journalism, Media and Communication Studies  
 B.A Journalism and Media Studies (4 years)
 B.A Communication Studies (4 years)
 School of Music, Art and Drama  
 B.A Music (4 years)
 B.A Art (4 years)
 B.A Drama (4 years)
 National Transformational Leadership Institute (NTLI)  
 Note that the course duration ranges from 5 days to three months  
 Centre for Human Resource Development and Continuous Education
 Diploma in Accounting (SBM) (3 years)
 Diploma in Business Administration (SBM) (3 years)
 Diploma in Public Administration (SBM) (3 years)
 Diploma in Economics and Banking (SSES) (3 years)
 Diploma in Natural Resources Management (SNRES) (3 years)
 Diploma in Rural Development (SCSRD) (3 years)
 Diploma in Communication and Public Relation (SCSRD) (3 years)
 Diploma in Computer Science (SCSIT) (3 years)
 Diploma in Information Technology (SCSIT) (3 years)
 Centre for Distance Education  
 BSc in accounting (4 years)
 BSc in Business Administration (4 years)
 BSc in Public Administration (4 years)
 BSc English (language and literature) (4 years)
 BSc History and Geography (4 years)
 B.A Rural Development (4 years)
 BSc Pure Economic (4 years)
 BSc Political Science (4 years)
 School of Social and Economic Studies  
 Diploma in Economic and Banking (3 years)
 School of Education  
 Diploma in Education at (NTLI) (3 years)
 Certificate in Education at (NTLI) (2 years)
 School of Arts and Humanities  
 Diploma in English Language (3 years)


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