School of Mathematics (SoM)


The School of Mathematics (SoM) is a professional academic School of the University of Juba. It was established on the 9th of August 2019 when the University Council approved the establishment of the School of Mathematics. This was an upgrading of the Department of Mathematics at the School of Applied and Industrial Sciences to a full School. The School of Mathematics now provides undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of Mathematics, Statistics, and Actuarial Science. It is also providing an improvement in the teaching of Mathematical Sciences Degree programs at the University of Juba, and producing undergraduates/graduates who are equipped with analytical skills and tools for solving problems in the fields of engineering, life sciences, physical sciences, economics, and social sciences.

Solving mathematical problems, albeit not straightforward, trains in the useful attributes of rational and lateral thinking. The school provides theoretical and applied mathematical, statistical, probabilistic, and financial approaches to real-life problems. Students have a great opportunity to develop confidence and skills in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical statistics, statistics, applied statistics, operation research, financial mathematics, and actuarial science.

The courses in mathematical science are delightful and intriguing in their own right and are designed in such a way that students learn various modeling techniques and methodologies used in solving real-life problems. The programs are flexible to accommodate different fields of interest. One of the interesting approaches introduced in the teaching of mathematical sciences is the use of computing techniques in the entire subjects to be taught at the school. 

We all agree and acknowledge that mathematical sciences are critical ingredients for the development of social and scientific disciplines. It is, therefore, necessary to continuously produce a stream of graduates with strong mathematical foundations and problem-solving skills for the challenges in the research domain as well as in industry in this country and globally. With the advances in technology, the nature of research and business is becoming increasingly complex and quantitative. Good backgrounds in mathematics are essential for taking full advantage of these developments in technology.

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“To be an excellent mathematical center committed to producing the best mathematical scientists who will contribute to the development of South Sudan and beyond.”


” To provide space where students learn and become competent users of the mathematical sciences in solving real life problems.”

Our Core Values
  • Professionalism and Integrity.
  • Freedom and Respect.
  • Creativity and Innovativeness.
  • Unparalleled Engagement.
Our Strategic objectives
  • To graduate students with theoretical and applied skills in the mathematical sciences; mainly in mathematics, statistics, applied statistics and actuarial science.
  • To improve the teaching of mathematical sciences at the University of Juba.
  • To apply physical insight for mathematical, statistical and actuarial science techniques in solving problems.
  • To demonstrate mathematical relationships and theories based on fundamental principles of mathematics, statistics and actuarial science.

Our Academic Structure

The School of Mathematics has three departments namely;

  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Actuarial Science

Our Current Academic Programs

The School of Mathematics currently offers the following 5 years undergraduate degree programs;

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics
  • Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science

Our Admission Requirements

The students admitted to any program of the School shall meet the following requirements;

  • Obtain the grades for admission in the South Sudan Secondary School Examination Certificate or its equivalent.
  • Meet all the requirements of admission from the Higher Education.
  • Pay the prescribed fees in accordance with the University regulations.

Postgraduate Program

The postgraduate program development is currently on going, in 2021/2022 academic year. The School of Mathematics (SoM) will have Master’s program, and these MSc program are;

  1. MSc Pure Mathematics.
  2. MSc Applied Mathematics.
  3. MSc Applied Statistics.

Your future career Paths if you study mathematical sciences.

Many students ask, what will mathematics; statistics and actuarial science degree do for me?

Students who study mathematical sciences will develop skills in creativity, modeling, learning, research and problems solving, which can lead you to work in some of the following career paths; Mathematician, Actuary, Statistician, Researcher Scientist, Modeler, Financial planner, Operations Research Analyst, Insurance Analyst, Budget Analyst, Salary Remuneration expert, Professor, pension analyst, Cryptographer, Meteorologist, Stockbroker, Economist, Surveyor, Quantitative Analyst, Geophysicist, Biologist Scientist, Naval Architect, Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Bioinformatics, Mathematics Teacher, Financial Analyst, Investment Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Health Administrator, Accountant, Writer of mathematical books, Patent Examiner, Engineer, Inventory control specialist,, Data Managers, Bankers, Biomedical Researcher, Insurance underwriter, Programmer analyst, Purchasing agent, market research analyst, cost estimator, fraud investigator, Auditor, Energy analyst, Teacher, Software tester, Algorithms engineer, Geodesist, Instrument calibration specialist, Nuclear Engineer, Astronomer, Monitoring and Evaluation expert and Quality Assurance expert.