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School of Art, Music, and Drama (SAMD) is one of the youngest College in the University of Juba, and it was established in 2002. SAMD is gaining momentum in its recognition as an important instrument in the development of the Country (South Sudan). The College was involved in the development of the National Anthem and the Court of Arm.

The policy of School of Art, Music, and Drama is to have open-minded and professional in administrative practices that foster the mission, goals and values of the School. School expects strong commitment and development among its staffs and Students as well as values of integrity, excellence, service, teamwork, participation in national building and commitment to working with students and drama groups in empowering them to become agents of change for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through creative and Cultural activities in their owner communities (South Sudan) and South to North participation.




If you’re an educational professional who is looking to progress your musical career, or an artist, this is the best degree for you.

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