Graduate Programs Guidelines

  1. The university schools, institutes or Centres in accordance with these regulations and any other special regulations approved by the Senate may offer higher degrees.
  2. Any school, institute or Centre that intends to introduce a higher degree has to submit a proposal showing the needs for and objectives of such a degree. Submission should include requirements and curricula.
  3. The minimum credit hours (CHs) of course work required for the various higher degrees in the University are as follows:
  4. Graduate Diploma: 36 CHs without dissertation or 24 CHs with dissertation.
  5. Master’s Degree by course work only: 48 CHs.


6. Master’s Degree by course work and research: 24CHs course work + 24CHs research.

7. Master’s Degree by research only: 48 CHs.

8. Doctorate Degree by course work and research: 36 CHs course work + 36 CHs research.

9. Doctorate Degree by research: 72 CHs research.

10. An Academic Year shall be composed of two semesters designed as Semester I and Semester II, Year 1, punctuated by a Recess Term per year.

11. A semester shall be 17 – 18 weeks, with fourteen (14) weeks for teaching, one (1) for reading and two-three (2-3) weeks for examinations.

12. A programme shall be composed of a set of prescribed courses (load) offered for the award of a particular Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate, some of which are Core (essential) that has to be passed by all students in a given field of specialization and others are Elective (selected to broaden a programme and allow for specialization).


13. Semester Course Load- is the minimum and maximum number of courses or credit units for a particular programme offered in a semester.

14. Contact Hour- shall be equivalent to one (1) hour of lecture/ clinical or two (2) hours of tutorial/practical or four (4) hours of research/ fieldwork. It is abbreviated as follows: LH- lecture hour, TH- tutorial hour, PH- practical hour, CH-clinical hour and CU- Course Units. 1 LH= 2 TH/PH= 4 RH/ FWH.

15. A Credit or Credit Unit- A series of 15 contact hours per semester. 1 CU= 15 Contact hours.

16. Pass Mark for all graduate programmes is 50%.

17. Classification- The Masters and Doctorate Degrees are not classified, but Postgraduate Diplomas (PGD) and Certificates may be classified as follows: