Research Policy


The University of Juba is the leading national university with a full academic curriculum that covers all major areas of scientific research in natural resources, environment, engineering & technology, medicine, ICT, law, social sciences and humanities. The University is also the only national university that is accredited to issue postgraduate degrees. However currently, research outputs and publications from the university are meagre compared to similar universities in the East African Community (EAC). This could partly be because of existing funding gaps and the fact that ability of some academic and research institutions to conduct quality research and publish its product in peer reviewed journals is still limited.

The challenges faced by the university and its academic staff with regard to research and publication notwithstanding, there is need for deliberate efforts to motivate and effectively engage in both academic and action research. To operationalize this, the Directorate of Research and Publications is currently conducting a gap analysis. This involves taking stock of the current research and publications, existing collaborations and at some point assessing the research capacity of university staff. The outcome of this analysis will be used to guide strategies and action plans for Research Policy implementation and strengthening of the institutional capacity for research collaboration and publications. The resulting list of publications will form the catalogue for increasing online visibility for the university and as well guide resource and fund mobilizing efforts through research collaborations and partnerships.


Improve visibility, image and of the university through academic publications and research collaborations.


  1. To create university online visibility through research and publications;

  2. To strengthen research collaborations and mobilize funds and other resources to support academic staff to engage in active research and publications.


Outcome 1:

Increased visibility and readership of Juba University publications

Output 1.1: Updated list of recent university publications for the past 10 years (2012-2022) complied by Schools, centers and institutes (Annex 2)

Output 1.2: Updated list of recent university publications for the past 10 years (2012-2022) shared on university online /web portal.


Outcome 2:

Enhanced resource mobilization for different disciples through establishment of Research and Publication Pooled Fund (RPPF)

Output 2.1: Areas of current university research affiliations and collaborations identified and documented (Annex 3)

Output 2.2: Areas for university research affiliations and collaborations published on university online /web portal

Output 2.3:  New research ideas used to enhance collaboration and resource mobilization  


  1. Support lecturers from schools/institutions/centres within the university in mapping, listing and updating published research papers/articles, conference reports and books in the last 10 years from 2022 back to 2012.
  2. Support lecturers from schools/institutions/centres within the university in identifying their current and future research affiliations/areas and collaborations (if any) to guide resource mobilization efforts through partnership and collaborations.
  3. Establish research and publication pooled fund (RPPF) to support academic research and publications through effective engagement with university management and leadership and research donors.

Key Activities

  1. Mobilization and sensitization of academic staff on research and publication
  2. Mapping, listing and updating of published/or unpublished research articles/papers, conference /seminar reports and books by each school/institution/centres within the university
  3. Identifying areas for current and future research affiliations and collaborations by each school/institution/centres within the university
  4. Dissemination of published research articles, conference reports and books in the university online web portal for wider visibility
  5. Development of research concept notes/or full proposals and budgets for identified areas for affiliations and collaborations
  6. Strategic engagement with university leadership/administration in establishing university research & publication pooled fund
  7. Donor mapping and engagement for research partnerships and collaborations with government/development partners using public-private arrangements
  8. M&E activities to track progress and report and share achievements, challenges and lessons for continuous improvement
  9. Advocacy for research and publication for development (R4D) in South Sudan