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Welcome  Message from the Dean

Welcome to School of Law. Besides offering best legal education in the country, we are dedicated to ensuring competence-based learning through impactful, high-quality legal research. As the fastest-growing institution among the time-honored academic community, our resolve to offer a global standard is discernible in our provision of across-the-board legal knowledge. This is established in the courses we offer ranging from constitutional law, criminal and civil procedures, contract law, environmental law, intellectual property, customary and family law, international laws and human rights, among others. We offer our students conducive leaning environment to gain best knowledge and stimulate practical skills by engaging them in moot-court sessions where they are exposed to practice presenting on cases as well as academic seminars where you will be engaged in writing genuine journal articles.

To live up to this purpose, the administration has successfully recruited reputable teaching staff of highest academic standing to engage over 900 students in quality, problem-solving education. It is, however, our primary objective to lay a historic foundation for our students from LL. B, Post-graduate and Masters programs. With your interest to joining and learning with us, we look forward to warmly receiving you and have you enjoy our best offers.


Our Programs

Our LL. B programme offers an all-inclusive undergraduate’s degree legal courses as well as unique introductory phase in first and second years which provides students with crucial foundation for basic understanding of economic, political, commercial, and social dimensions of legal institutions. This is meant to enable first-year students to master the technical aspects of law as a basis for understanding its theory and substance. It also helps them discern public policy positions, implicit in legal concepts as well as the ways in which various social problems and law interact. Other important courses where students are engaged in learning a variety of courses such as constitutional law, administrative law, criminal procedure, civil procedure, petroleum law, business law, contract law, environmental law, intellectual property, customary law, family law, tort, human rights and international law. We aim to make our students gain a deeper understanding of law itself, not only by focusing on an academic excellence leading to degree but also teaching you a wide range of essential transferrable skills such as how to construct an argument, how to present yourself and your ideas, the importance of attention to details, and ability to work in a team as well as on your own initiative. All these are pursued to help you to build your employability skills while you study, making you stand out to potential employees and equally effective after attainment of your law degree.

In an effort to create high-quality academic standard, we have introduced a new and progressive syllabus that aims to ensures quality legal education and prepare our students to meet tthe demands after their studies. By way of joint public lectures and seminars, we aim to enable students work closely with their instructors in order to develop skills in legal research, writing, and analysis, as well as long policy-driven writing and oral argument.

We offer class-based LLM course leading to an award of Master’s degree in General LLM. The School equally offers other Master’s programme in a variety of especially selected courses. Our LLM programme is designed for the benefit of both fresh law graduates and knowledgeable professionals. Our teaching modules are designed to help you deepen and widen your legal knowledge as they are to stimulate self-driven analytical power through your engagement in problem-solving research. 

Most LLM students greatly benefit from their studies as many of our lecturers have an expansive personal experience as a result of their official engagement with government institutions, NGOs and companies as legal advisers. With their significant fraternal expertise carried to the teaching environment, students are fortunate to significantly benefit from exceptional quality that they bring along. Our general LLM is not only aimed at ensuring better academic outcome but also preparing our students to make impactful difference at work as well as innovatively approach life-challenging situations ahead. 

We equally offer one-year Post–graduates Diploma which focuses on a diverse range of modules covering courses like corporate law, commercial law, property law, civil procedure, criminal law, among others. This degree gives you access to explore the depth of legal knowledge as students are offered advanced class-based lecture sessions with many different optional modules designed to enable a firm understanding of legal principles and core legal concepts as well as boost your critical analytical power. Our post-graduate’s Diploma has a moderate acceptance rate and more advanced student engagement as you will learn through practical application and delivered lecture sessions, joint public lectures and seminars aimed to ensuring practical knowledge and improved quality.


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