The University of Juba hosted an Artificial Intelligence Event (AI Day).

by Johnson Mangar (Dokish)

The University of Juba recently organized a highly informative and insightful AI event. The event aimed to enlighten the attendees on artificial intelligence and its numerous applications across various fields.

The event was organized by Dr. Felix Gonda, an Assistant Professor at the School of Computer Science, who holds a PhD in Computer Science, with a specialization in Computer Vision, from Harvard University in 2021. Dr. Gonda’s extensive experience in film and video game production for prominent organizations such as Steven Spielberg, Disney, and EA Games, has given him a unique perspective on AI.

Currently, Dr. Gonda is setting up an AI lab and teaching AI courses at the University of Juba.

The event was graced by high-profile attendees, including the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Robert Mayom Deng, and the former Vice Chancellor Prof. John A. Akech, as well as all senior staff of the University.

During the event, the Vice-Chancellor lauded Dr. Felix for his tireless efforts to provide South Sudanese students at the University of Juba with knowledge of AI. The Vice-Chancellor further encouraged Dr. Felix to facilitate scholarship opportunities for students to study in the US, thereby ensuring a pool of lecturers who are experts in the field.

The former VC also commended Dr. Felix, acknowledging the need for the university administration to recruit more lecturers from abroad to deliver expert knowledge to the students. Additionally, he delivered an AI presentation that expounded on AI and its real-world applications.

The event also featured presentations from fifth and fourth-year students who showcased their projects on Artificial Intelligence to the audience. The top five projects were selected and awarded certificates and gifts.

In the closing remarks, the Registrar of the University of Juba for Academic Affairs, Prof. Mairi Blackings, urged students to explore the AI field further. Prof. Blackings emphasized that students are at the forefront of AI in South Sudan and encouraged them to continue exploring the field.

The event was a great success, providing attendees with excellent insights into artificial intelligence and its various applications.

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