The University of Juba (UoJ) organizes the welcoming of the incoming Vice-Chancellor (VC) and bids farewell to the outgoing VC

By Joseph Maduot, March 15th, 2024

The University of Juba administration conducted a welcoming ceremony for the new VC of the university, Prof. Robert Mayom Kuoirot Deng, and bid farewell to the outgoing VC Prof. John A. Akech.  The event was attended by the newly assigned deputy VCs for Administration and Finance, and Deputy VC for Academic Affairs, Prof. Justo Wani Jada and Prof. Isaac Cleto Rial respectively, various academic staff members, UoJ alumni, UoJ students, UoJ employees, and other invited dignitaries.

Prof. Robert Mayom took over the administration of the University of Juba as the 13th VC on March 15, 2024. Prof. Mayom appreciated his outgoing counterpart for his wise leadership and for championing infrastructural transformation in the university. He pledged to continue with the vision, mission, and the university’s master plan for strategic goals 2015 – 2030 noting that the priorities may slightly change. ‘‘The mission and vision for the university will remain the same. Only the priorities will slightly change. And if any priorities change, it will be after I have sat down with my deputies because I will not decide on my own’’, he mentioned.

The incoming VC touched on several issues including staff welfare, quality education, infrastructural development, and university standards. He stressed particularly the university’s standards, noting the importance of discontinuing students who don’t perform well to promote the university’s image. He cited examples of the 1970s and 80s when qualified staff and top-notch students used to be at the University of Juba. The incoming VC promised to work on these standards and immediately warned lecturers who did not turn up for first-year students’ lectures and schools who did not report their results prompting them to do so within 7 days. The newly inaugurated VC appreciated his outgoing counterpart for his cordial and harmonious working relationship for the last couple of years and expressed his willingness to engage him throughout his tenure continuously. Prof. Mayom offered to have his outgoing counterpart lead the Mayardit Academy for Space Sciences as its director if he would accept to continue with this project.

On his part, the outgoing VC noted several achievements which he had witnessed during his tenure for the last decade. He emphasized strongly on his policy of infrastructural development citing that it is one aspect of achieving quality education. He noted, however, that achieving a major overhaul of a university involves several VCs. Prof. Akec believes he has done his best and expects the incoming VC to carry on from where he left off. Prof. Akec acknowledged that he made enemies as he discharged his duties for the university citing that he did what he thought was in the best interest of the university. ‘I have made powerful enemies [over] because I did what was in the best interest of the UoJ and not for certain individuals’’, he said. The outgoing VC complimented the incoming VC and mentioned that he is best fitted to move the university forward.

The ceremony was concluded with Prof. Akech handing over the report of the university and a book of James C. Collins ‘Good to Great’ as a gift to the new VC. The outgoing VC officially handed over the office to Prof. Robert Mayom wishing him all the best during his time in office.


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